SanFlashCisco is now ConvergeSF & we moved to a new meeting location: 156 2ND STREET, San Francisco;

About this User Group:

SanFlashCisco is now ConvergeSF.  Welcome to our Adobe Groups placeholder page. Our Main Website is:

Think of Converge-SF events as a venue to explore the intersection between design and technology. We hope to bring you inspiring speakers, letting them narrate their creative efforts by way of the presentation of a project. We will cover the many technologies which are used across the design and development workflow and delve into one or two of these technologies along the way.

Converge-SF is run by Donna Coxon-McCory and Larry Lague. We also have a Steering Committee that helps out on a monthly basis.

We have a new meeting location closer to downtown San Francisco. 

You can also catch our meetings online via Adobe Connect:

Past Events from

July 2012 Meeting

We will be holding a meeting on July 31 at WeWork Labs in San Francisco. RSVP and schedule coming soon!

April 2012 Meeting

April Meeting at the Hub. Jamie Wilkinson will be speaking.

March 2012 Meeting

EDIT: Here is the Adobe Connect recording from the meeting: View recording in new tab. Our March meeting 2012 has been scheduled! We’ll be hosting an evening with Barry Threw of Obscura Digital on March 13, 2012. Obscura Digital is well known for their large-scale video mapping installations. They were included on FastCompany’s Top 10 Most [...]

January 2012 Meeting

EDIT: Here is the Adobe Connect recording from the meeting: View recording in new tab. Tues 1/31: Great response to our kick-off event! We will try and find a bigger venue to accommodate more people if we really are packed tonight. For those of you who didn’t RSVP in time, you can view the live [...]

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