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Adobe Charlotte is a local networking and education based group for professionals (and aspiring professionals) in the web design, web development, and e-Learning industries who have an interest in the use of Adobe® enterprise solutions.

User Group Co-Mgrs:  Phillip Senn, Sutton Yamanashi and Neville Lee

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Meeting in May
Entry posted on May 11, 2013 by Phillip Senn

Let's see if we can carve out a time in May to get together.  

Back when we were getting together regularly, we would meet the 2nd Thursday of every month.  But that's passed already for May.

Bilal has said "It should be possible to use our meeting room. We are located in Indian Land, SC now. Close to the big Wal-Mart in Ballentyne."

I have a deep feeling of gratitude to this users group and would like to get together sometime in May to do a presentation on HTML5 and offline capabilities.  I’m putting together a program specifically for training purposes that shows jQuery Mobile along with a Web SQL Database so that users can interact with data on their iPad even if they’re offline, and can then sync it with the server once they are back within Wi-Fi range.

Marc Stowe has offered to do a presentation in June, so I think we need a place where we can meet on a semi-regular basis.

What do you think about getting together this Thursday at 6pm?  I know it would be the 3rd Thursday, but I'm just putting up a trial balloon at this point.

Two meetups in Charlotte this week
Entry posted on Mar 18, 2013 by Phillip Senn

I thought I'd pass along some info that there are two meetups in Charlotte this week.

There is a Charlotte JavaScript meetup at Skookum on Thursday and a brand new meetup being formed Charlotte Game Dev where they are going to take a look at HTML5 Game Dev Libraries on Wednesday at the Microsoft Charlotte Office.

Phillip Senn

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