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July is here!
Entry posted on Jul 08, 2013 by Chris Cart

A reminder:

Our next meeting is Tonight
Monday, July 8, 7-8:30
Harlow Gallery
160 Water St, Hallowell

The agenda will be dipping into After Effects. This is a huge but amazing program. This will be an intro to this very robust program. The first in a series of getting up and running in After Effects.

June Meeting
Entry posted on Jun 10, 2013 by Chris Cart

Just a reminder our normal 2nd Monday of the month Adobe meeting is tonight.
Harlow Gallery
160 Water St
As per requested we are revisiting the 1st full of total AWESOMENESS annual Tip & Trick swap tonight.
So bring your favorite little and big tips, how-to's etc.  Adobe related or not...whatever you think others could use.

From OUR Facebook Page:
Next Byte the Muse | Adobe User Group Meeting
Monday, July 16. Mike Clements, Presentor.
Agenda: Adobe Lightroom
Meeting Monday 7pm. Harlow Gallery

2012 Meetings list from Facebook

Meeting: Monday, July 16, 2012; 7-8:30 (Note: this is not our usual second Monday...scheduling conflicts.); This month's July Adobe Meeting will be Monday the 16th and we can look forward to a great presentation about Photoshop Lightroom by Mike Clements. At past meetings we have seen a few tantalizing teasers of his skills in the program and I have to say I am eager to learn more about using Lightroom to edit my photos.

Meeting: Monday, April 8th, 2012 7-8:30 ADOBE PS CS6 = :)

Meeting: Monday Mar 12th, 2012 7-8:30, Harlow Gallery, 160 water st, Hallowell, ME If you haven't been able to get away this winter to regions warm and tropical ...or indeed, if you came back from glorious, sensous climes then this is the meeting for you. This meeting is all about photo editing....taking those dreary Maine photos and adding tans, palm trees and making it seem that you did indeed...See More

Meeting: Monday Feb 13th, 2012 2012 7-8:30 -- Feb 13, 7-8:30-ish, Harlow Gallery, 160 Water St, Hallowell, ME. The agenda this month is very font heavy...ligatures, warichu, ordinals, widows, g...See More

Meeting: Monday Nov 11th, 2011 2012 7-8:30 This month we will be veering off our usual track to poke around inside After Effects. How to get up and running in the program and makes some cool effects.
Drop a note bac...See More1

Meeting: Monday Oct 10th, 2012 2012 7-8:30 AGENDA | FILTERS: Filters aren't just for making a great cup of coffee. In Photoshop filters can make you run faster, jump higher, help you repeat better, turn you into Rembrandt or one of the Carracci brothers or even Banksy. Or feeling a little fuzzy, filters can crisp you up; or if you are too tight they can soften you a bit too. All sorts of things you can do with filters and we will poke around some of the miriad options.

Bring your own filter tips...this is a filter swap meet.


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We normally meet the 2nd Monday of the month at the Harlow Gallery, 160 Water St, Hallowell, ME

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