Note from the User Group Managers

Recently, BFAIG held elections and we have new leadership:

Ryan Canulla
Cristiam Reinoso

We want to thank Douglas McCarroll for all his hardwork as the past manager of this group.

ABOUT BFAIG: We're Not Your Typical User Group!

BFAIG's mission is to help people learn to create Flex applications. We aim to help budding Flex programmers grow and flourish. Our main focus is on helping new programmers to create example applications, because having a sample that one can show off is the best route to getting one's first programming job.

Reversing The Usual User Group Roles

At most user group meetings the presenter is the expert and the audience is there to learn. The Incubator model is different. Learner-Presenters present some aspect of a project that they are working on, and the rest of the group - including other learner-presenters, Attendees who don't present, and Mentors - do their best to help. Input can take a number of different forms, from feedback on the presenter's general approach to answers to specific technical questions.

Where & When Do We Meet?

BFAIG meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:45 PM to 7:15 PM. These meetings are combined in-person/online meeting. The in-person component is held at the Boston office of Broduer Partners, 855 Boylston Street, a short walk from the Hynes & Copley Green Line T stops.

We may also schedule additional online-only meetings if there is sufficient interest.

See our Attending BFAIG page and the meeting's announcement on our blog for information on how to attend online - the meeting's URL, etc. We also suggest that you subscribe to our mailing list to receive meeting announcements, cancellation notices, etc.


BFAIG is free.

Upcoming Events:

For a detailed list of our events go to:

Attending BFAIG

If You'd Like To Be Involved:

  • Sign up for our mailing list here. This will keep you informed of upcoming meetings and allow you to participate in general group discussion.
  • Add our blog's feed to your RSS reader. This will keep you informed when there are new blog posts. If you don't have an RSS reader, we recommend Google Reader. There are also lots of other great RSS readers available.
  • Use this form to request posting privileges on our blog. (All posts will be moderated to prevent spam.) If you just want to lurk, this step isn't really necessary, but if you're interested in being a presenter or in offering ideas and solutions to the group you'll probably want to have posting privileges.

If You're Interested In Presenting

Before Attending Meetings

  • We strongly encourage all attendees to read materials posted by presenters on our blog. This will allow us to use our meeting time most efficiently and to offer the most help to presenters.
  • Please be sure to confirm that the meeting hasn't been cancelled. You're on our mailing list, right? :) If so, you should be covered. If not, check the mailing list's page for last-minute cancellations.

Meeting Schedule & Locations

  • Combined in-person/online meetings are held at 5:45 PM EST on the third Tuesday of each month. The in-person side of the meeting is held at the Boston office of Broduer Partners, 855 Boylston Street, a short walk from the Hynes & Copley Green Line T stops. Instructions for attending online are below.
  • Online-only meetings are scheduled when desired by our members, and when practical for our coordinators, and are announced on our mailing list.

How To Attend Online

  • We'll be using Acrobat Connect on our computers and a teleconferencing service for audio.
  • To connect your computer:
    • Simply go to the URL included in the meeting announcement and log in as a guest.
  • To connect to the teleconference:
    • Dial 712.432.3100
    • Use this bridge number to connect: 191952

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