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2009 Meeting Topics and Schedule

Thread posted 12/04/08 by Rob Huddleston last edited 12/04/08
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2009 Meeting Topics and Schedule


At last night's meeting, I asked for ideas on what we'd like to see covered in 2009. Please feel free to comment: what ideas would you really, really LOVE to see; what would bore you to death. What other topics do you want? Who would you like to speak on things?

The two big general areas that people expressed an interest in were print design (in particular, InDesign) and video production (Flash video, Premiere, After Effects, and creating video for DVD and BluRay were mentioned specifically. 

These are two big areas that we rarely if ever discuss. Mostly, this is simply because I'm a web design person mainly, and since I do most of the presenting, well, that pretty much leads to a bunch of web design presentations. But I would love to do more on both of these.

On the video end, I already one have definite topic lined up: sometime next year (we need to work out the date), member Joe Gerard has agreed to present on Adobe After Effects. Another member, Matt Elyash, has also volunteered to do something video-related. So we at least are off to a good start on that realm. 

As for print ... we had a specific request for InDesign. So I'll try to get something put together for that, but if anyone out there is really an InDesign expert and wants to do the preso, then please let me know. And what other print topics do people want?

Anything else? Remember that while we may be officially an Adobe UG, we aren't required to always talk about Adobe products.


posted 12/04/08 by jairodesigner | Report Abuse

<p>I remember other topic was mentioned, e-learning,&nbsp;it could include Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Captivate 3, Flash, and other non Adobe products such as the free <a href="http://www.jingproject.com">www.jingproject.com</a>&nbsp;and <a href="http://www.camStudio.org">www.camStudio.org</a> used to create tutorials using videoScreenCapture&nbsp;and exporting it to flash movies or .avi videos.</p>

posted 12/04/08 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>Thanks, good catch. That was on my list and I just forgot to mention it. Definitely a good topic to discuss.</p>

posted 12/21/08 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>How about a session on website editing options? I know about Contribute which I've set up for one of my clients and I believe that the new CS4 version of Dreamweaver offers a simple editing option (but I have yet to check that one out)&nbsp; but there must be other options. This may be a no-brainer and if that's the case, maybe it can be a part of a web design tips and hacks session.</p>

posted 12/21/08 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>You're thinking about InContext Editing, and yes we can definitely see about doing a meeting on it.</p>

posted 12/24/08 by ckdtp | Report Abuse

<p>InDesign and Acrobat are my primary applications.&nbsp; While I design for print such as Business Cards and Brochures, I mostly work with a lot of large documents and forms.&nbsp; I'm just learning some of the new CS4 features, but I would be willing to collaborate on a presentation for later in the year.</p>

posted 04/01/09 by Mattdfg | Report Abuse

<p>Rob, Trying any way I can to contact you, I am home and ill. Will not be able to make it tonight for the presentation I&nbsp;promised to do. Sorry to bow out at the last minute. I will make it twice as good next month. Matt</p>

posted 04/09/09 by CJ Arena | Report Abuse

<p>I would like to see some meeting on Illustrator.</p>

posted 04/10/09 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll see what I can do about scheduling presentations on the topics that have been suggested so far, and please keep the ideas coming.</p>