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Importing a FrontPage site into DW CS3

Thread posted 01/26/09 by Mtndi last edited 01/26/09
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Importing a FrontPage site into DW CS3


I am trying to import a FP site into DW CS3. While I was able to connect to my client's web server, when I tried to 'GET'' the files, all that showed up was a folder-no files. I understand that some FP files have coding so that DW can't 'see' the files...don't know if this is the case.

I've also tried within DW: SITE/IMPORT FrontPage Site - filled in all the appropriate info and I get the error message: While executing onClick in FP Site Import.htm, the following JavaScript error(s) occured: At line 422 of file "HD/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Configuration:commands:FP Site Import.js": ReferenceError: FPMigrationKit is not defined

Here is where I've searched for answers with no success:

- all thru the DW help files

- Google & Yahoo search using the search criteria: import Frontpage site into DW (and several variations of that) , FPMigrationKit,

- adobe.com

-Several Adobe/Macromedia forums

The web server is Microsoft based. The website was created in FrontPage with a shopping cart using asp

If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. If you need more info, just let me know.

Thanks, in advance.



posted 02/03/09 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>Diane,</p> <p>Do you have the FTP address, username, and password for the site? If so, the easiest thing to do is to create a new, empty site in DW with the appropriate information, and then simply download the site in DW's files panel.</p> <p>Rob</p>

posted 02/03/09 by jairobenavides | Report Abuse

<p>I agree with Rob, FTP would be a straightforward solution. Another option would be using the server Control Panel, and look for the File Manager section, it usually has a feature to zip a copy of the files on the site, so the user can downlad one file, decompress it in&nbsp;the local folder, make the edits you need,&nbsp;set the connection&nbsp;in DW and upload your changes.</p>

posted 02/05/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Thanks for responding - that is the normal course of action, I know. I had tried to access the files thru DW by creating a new site and then accessing the server using ftp with the password and username. It connected fine but when I went to 'get' the files, nothing showed up on my local view. Also, when I went to remote view...same thing...no files. The site is alive tho not well. Any thoughts as to why this could be happening?</p> <p>I'm working with Nolan Erck on this but we both keep hitting roadblocks. We're trying to work with the current web person but sometimes that is just as much fun and as productive as dropping a rock on your foot.</p> <p>I appreciate your help...</p>

posted 02/05/09 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>That is odd. If Nolan can't help, I'm not sure there's much I can do for you. You might have an incorrect username/password - one that has a valid account on the server, but whose permissions are sending you into an empty subfolder.</p> <p>Depending on how big and complex the site it, you could try the old-fashioned way of just doing a bunch of "save as" from the browser. That won't help if any of the pages contain server-side code, though.</p>

posted 02/05/09 by jairobenavides | Report Abuse

<p>Diane, have you tried connecting using a regular FTP (not DW, but a regular FTP)?</p> <p>Do you have access to the site control panel?</p>

posted 02/05/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>I've tried connecting using cyberduck (ftp)too. It REALLY didn't like that (connection refused). I'm beginning to think that we're missing a (big, important) piece of the puzzle. I have a meeting with Nolan tomorrow so I can report to my client what we've found out. Nolan can 'fix' the problem, I'm sure, but he has to be able to access the files.So, we'll see.</p> <p>Thanks to both of you for your help. I thought maybe there was something special I was suppose to do with the files because they were in FP. Then I thought that maybe because it was a microsoft server that it was having a difficult time with my mac...but Nolan had a problem too. I think it has more to do with the access info we got from the current designer.</p> <p>If it turns out to be something related to something other than access info, I'll be sure to report back. Again...thanks.</p>

posted 09/01/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Hi, this post is old and the point is now ... pointless. Turned out to be a major problem with the client's previous web designer. The client was basically screwed. As you said Rob, if Nolan couldn't figure it out... Thanks to everyone for your input.</p>