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An Evening with Lee Brimelow and Paul Trani on Flash

Event posted 03/21/12 by Mike Wach last edited 04/05/12
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An Evening with Lee Brimelow and Paul Trani on Flash

Date and Time
April 5, 2012 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM (GMT-7 Arizona, Dawson Creek)


University of Advancing Technology 2625 West Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283
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Lee Brimelow is a developer evangelist at Adobe who is currently focusing on Flash gaming. He has worked in the past for companies like AOL, Netscape, frog design, and eBay. Lee runs the highly popular video tutorial site at gotoandlearn.com and writes a blog dedicated to Flash at theflashblog.com.


Paul Trani is an Evangelist for Adobe Systems focusing on the Creative Cloud and workflows for mobile devices and tablets. (In other words, creating kick-butt creative stuff from desktop to devices.)



Join us for an evening with Lee Brimelow from Adobe. This will be a good opportunity to speak directly with Adobe, ask questions, and discuss recent changes around the Flash Player.

In this session, Lee will lead a discussion around recent changes and announcements around the Flash Platform. He will then spend some time laying out the roadmap for the Flash Player, and discuss the direction in which the player will evolve, including the general focus of the player and the ActionScript language and AVM (ActionScript Virtual Machine). In addition, we will be showing off the latest Flash and Adobe AIR content, give some sneak peeks on upcoming releases, and setting aside plenty of time for open discussions and Q&A.

We’ll also reveal the latest technologies being worked on by Adobe for game developers and will show how these technologies allow developers to create casual 2D games in addition to AAA 3D games. Current best practices will also be discussed.

Live streaming will be available via Adobe Connect



Live Streaming


posted 03/22/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

the meeting will be held in the theater

posted 03/28/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

Paul Trani will also be presenting at this meeting! Check out his website, http://paultrani.com/

posted 03/31/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

Free pizza, drinks, and Adobe swag will be available to all attendees!

posted 04/03/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

An extra special thanks to O'Reilly Publishing for sponsoring this meeting with free books to raffle as prizes! Join us on campus to see what they gave us ;)

posted 04/05/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

The meeting will be streaming live via Acrobat Connect for those who cannot make it to UAT tonight. To access the meeting, visit http://experts.adobeconnect.com/adobetechnology/ however food, drinks, Adobe swag, and books are only available to those physically attending. The meeting is tonight from 7pm to 9pm (Pacific time)

posted 04/06/12 by thisishouston | Report Abuse

How did this event go? How many folks showed up Mike?

Aaron Houston

posted 04/06/12 by Mike Wach | Report Abuse

I think the event went very well, thanks to our celebrity speakers! We had a turnout of roughly 50 attendees who stayed for the entire meeting