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Meeting location

Thread posted 06/07/12 by Rob Huddleston , tagged: Question, announcement
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Meeting location


I'd like to open discussion about our meeting location.

The feedback I got from our regular members about the Art Institute was overall quite positive, so I think we should at least talk about the possibility of moving our meetings there.

First off, it's important to note that this has absolutely nothing to do with any negative feelings about CALAOMS. I think we all agree that it's a fantastic place to meet, and that Steve has been incredibly generous opening his office each month to us. That said, we have over the last few months been approaching the room's capacity. Although the numbers aren't the most important thing to me, I would like to see the group continue to grow.

So, some pros and cons, as I see it, to moving to AI:



We have an advantage that this is coming up now, since we have 2 months before the next meeting. What I'd like to do is have this discussion for a bit, and once we seem to have gotten folks' ideas, I'll send out a SurveyMonkey survey to more formally collect people's thoughts on it, and then we'll make a decision.



posted 06/07/12 by ckdtp | Report Abuse

Living and working in Yuba City, I've always figured I would be driving approximately an hour to attend the meetings ... and I am more than willing to do that.

I agree that CALAOMS has been a FANTASTIC meeting space ... and definitely comfortable! But in the last year we have pretty much maxed that venue out. There are times that I worry that if I'm running late, am I going to be able to grab a seat at the table where I can put my laptop? (because, yes, sometimes I am still working on projects during the meetings!)

The Natomas side of the community is a shorter commute for me. It can bring my drive down to 35-40 minutes as it is a much more straight shot for me to and from home. I can't help but like this idea because I don't feel so guilty about hanging out afterwards at BJ's!

The other question that dawned on me ... at AI, is there wi-fi or would you be able to provide us with a wi-fi password while we are there? I have hotspot on my phone, so I could do that if necessary, but would rather not use it when I don't have to.

posted 06/07/12 by Terry Hobart | Report Abuse

I come from Grass Valley and so Roseville is FAR better for me. If it moved to AI the subject would have to be pretty good to get me to come. That already happened to me for the saccfug. I stopped going. I'd really miss not coming to this group to. Sorry to be negative but for me it's just too far to get back home and get up at 5 the next morning for work.

posted 06/07/12 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

Terry - you aren't being negative at all. I brought this issue up precisely because I want to hear from folks who would be less likely to attend as well as those who would be more likely. I appreciate the input.

posted 06/07/12 by Sandy Honigsberg | Report Abuse

I agree with Terry. I'm driving from Cool and Roseville is much better for me. My only other request would be to change the night we meet to any other evening than the first Wednesday of the month.

posted 06/07/12 by Michael McDonald | Report Abuse

The amount of time it takes for me to travel from Fair Oaks to either location is approximately the same. I agree that CALAOMS is a wonderful meeting place for a small group but if we wish to enlarge our membership, we'd have to move somewhere else. We are maxing out our capacity at CALAOMS.

It becomes a question of what our goal as a user group is: status quo for the existing members or make a change for growth? A smaller crowd provides more intimacy but a larger crowd provides service to more people and extends the benefits of making more professional and friendship contacts. With a larger base you can also start SIGs (Special Interest Groups), which are offshoots of the main group and meet separately to focus on particular programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

I'd start off by asking the students at AI who attended whether or not they would come to future meetings, Similarly, I would try to reach some of the other professionals in the Sacramento area to ascertain their interest.

Having led a computer user group in another area, we had 176 members on file and about 30 - 40 regularly attending members. The potential for out-of-area expert speakers increases with larger numbers. My feeling is that we need to have a goal of increasing membership as a priority. It increases our base of contacts and expertise.

P.S. There is wi-fi for the students, which I logged onto last night. There is no password.

posted 06/07/12 by M_Pascoal | Report Abuse

Personally, I prefer Natomas because 1) there will be a seat for everyone, and 2) it's closer to my home/work than Roseville. But I'm willing to come to the meetings either way. I figure it's only once a month, so I'm willing to make the trip.