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DCO Conference Room Camera

Thread posted 08/17/12 by Matthew Jeffcoat
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DCO Conference Room Camera


Can you reccomend a Webcam/Camera that would be more suited for a conference room? The Logitech USB webcams are great for single users however they don't pick up a whole conference room the way that I would like. I have been hesitant to get something for a room that big but with the upgraded quality of the video coming along with the new version of Adobe connect we will be using it more to connect and collaborate with our remote sites. Thanks.


posted 08/21/12 by Ashley Keating | Report Abuse

I pulled some recommendations from other users who have tried these are had good luck with them. However, it really is a personal preference since many different cameras will work well with DCO. It is important to note the following…

1. We only directly support a 640x480 picture today with our default camera pod. Therefore, spending money on something over 720 or 1080 is not necessary. 2. Please make sure there is a direct connection to a PC/laptop (USB, firewire) so DCO Connect can easily pickup the video feed. 3. DCO Connect only supports 20 frames per second (fps) today, but cameras that go up to 30 fps will be okay. If you decide on a camera that pushes out a higher fps, we will need to pull that back a bit so we can pickup the feed inside of Adobe Connect.

Here's one wide screen camera that someone on our government team liked Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/webcam_communications/webcams/devices/3480

These two were recommended by a user, but note that they 720p and will use alot of bandwidth-- so make sure your use case is one with plenty of bandwidth available if you decide to go with one of these. Logitech 525 http://www.logitech.com/en-us/webcam-communications/webcams/hd-webcam-c525

Microsoft 6000 http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/lifecam-hd-6000-for-notebooks/7PD-00001

I'd love for other users on this forum to chime in with their experiences!