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BrowserLab Open for Registrations Temporarily

Entry posted 07/07/09 by robhuddles last edited 07/07/09
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BrowserLab Open for Registrations Temporarily


BrowserLab has once again opened its doors for new registrations. If you'd like to start playing around with it (and it is a pretty awesome tool), then head over to browserlab.adobe.com and sign up. They are only going to be open until 12PM today (July 7), so hurry!


posted 07/07/09 by Fred Ryals | Report Abuse

<p>Rob,</p> <p>It sure would be nice if they'd open for sign-ups in the evening.</p> <p>The computers at work are locked down with <strong><span style="color: #ff0000;"><em>FlashPlayer 8</em></span></strong> and can't connect to the BrowserLab page.</p> <p>Fred</p>

posted 07/07/09 by robhuddles | Report Abuse

<p>Fred,</p> <p>My understanding is that they are going to continue these short-notice periods for a bit longer, and then soemtime this month open the service up so that anyone can sign up any time.</p>

posted 07/07/09 by waltdietric | Report Abuse

<p>I agree Rob... just don't have the daytime access to the outside world anymore either</p>