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Last night's meeting

Entry posted 08/06/09 by Rob Huddleston last edited 08/06/09
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Last night's meeting


Thanks to all who attended last night.

Unfortunately, the recording managed to capture the video, but not the audio. I'm not sure what happened exactly...

I'm looking for someone to present in October. Please let me know if you'd like to talk about something to the group. I'm completely open as to the topic; whatever you feel comfortable with is good.


posted 09/03/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Hi Rob, Good meeting last night. Ted did a great job with a somewhat difficult subject. Thank you Ted! I thought that Joe was doing the Flash presentation in October?</p> <p>Here's my entry for the name of the group: SNAFU (Sacramento &amp; Nearby Adobe Fanatical Users). My feelings won't be hurt if that's not the name chosen but since you asked. Look forward to hearing other thoughts on the matter.</p>