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New Name for the Group?

Thread posted 08/06/09 by Rob Huddleston last edited 08/06/09
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New Name for the Group?


I'd like to open a discussion here and talk about the possibility of renaming the group.

A bit of background:

Our organization was founded a dozen or so years ago by Gordon Clarke, a Flash developer based in Grass Valley. The acronym "SierraMMUG" originally stood for "Sierra Macromedia User Group". At the time, we met up in Auburn and really were a Sierra-based group - most of our members were coming from Grass Valley, Auburn, Colfax, and the like. When Adobe purchased Macromedia, we made the decision to keep the "MMUG" part of the name, going with the somewhat clunky "Multi-media User Group" to try to justify it. About a year ago, we moved down the hills and began meeting in Rocklin.

While I have nothing against the name as it is, I'd like to consider a change. One of the reasons for keeping it was the domain name on the website, but as we really do plan to gradually phase out the site in favor of groups, that justification no longer holds as much weight. We'll certainly retain the domain name for search engine purposes, but can easily redirect it somewhere else.

At this point, I'm totally open to any and all suggestions that people have. If you really like SierraMMUG, that's cool - as I said, I'm not hell-bent on changing it. But if you have something else that you'd like to suggest, then please do so. If we get a few good suggestions (and if the consensus seems to be in favor of change), then we'll put the suggestions out there for a vote and then move on to a new logo design, etc.

There aren't any real requirements from Adobe on the name. Most user groups have geographical and/or product-based names, such as Sacramento ColdFusion User Group. But there are a few "creative" names out there; for instance, the Fireworks group in SF is called Fire on the Bay. If we're going to keep the geographical moniker, we'll need to discuss a little about what that geography should be - should we retain something along the Sierra lines, or go with Sacramento?

Please let me know what your thoughts are.