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Our group's name

Thread posted 09/02/09 by Rob Huddleston last edited 09/02/09
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Our group's name


Over the last few months, we've been discussing the possibility of changing the group's name. I'm opening this discussion area so that we can talk it over.

A little history:

The group was founded about 8 or so years ago by Gordon Clarke. At the time, we were the Sierra Macromedia User Group, or Sierra MMUG. The "Sierra" part was because Gordon lived in Grass Valley, and for many years we met in Auburn. Most of our members back then were from the foothills area - Grass Valley, Auburn, Colfax, Nevada City, etc.

When Adobe bought Macromedia, we had some discussion about what to do with the name, and decided to keep the acronym, but change the official name to Sierra Multimedia User Group. I took over management of the group around the same time, but for various reasons, Gordon maintained ownership of the domain name sierrammug.org.

About two months ago, however, Gordon called me and said that he wanted to transfer ownership of the domain name to me. Gaining ownership of the name made me start to think that perhaps it was time to think about whether the name was really meaningful to us anymore, or if something else would make more sense.

We've had an almost complete turn over of our membership in the years since I took over the group. Today, many more of our members are from the Sacramento area than are from the foothills. We still have members - including some very active members - who come down from Grass Valley or Auburn, but most everyone is now coming from the city. Since we moved the meetings out of Auburn and started meeting in Roseville and Rocklin, our average attendance at meetings has gone from 5-6 to 15-20.

We don't necessarily *have* to change the name. I don't particularly love the Sierra MMUG name, but I don't hate it, either. If there is a consensus here that the current name works, then we'll keep it.

With that said, I'll open it up for discussion. I don't want to start out with any preconditions or requirements for the name. Please feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind. If you really, really like one of the suggestions, let us know. If you really, really dislike a name that's been suggested, let us know, too, although please be kind. :)


posted 09/03/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Hey Rob, I posted my suggestion under a different post so I'll also post it here just for consistency's sake. SNAFU (Sacramento &amp; Nearby Adobe Fanatical Users). No thoughts on the logo yet but we'll see...:-D</p>

posted 09/28/09 by Michael McDonald | Report Abuse

<p>I've come up with a few ideas but the one I like best is: Capitol A's [for Adobe, which would be incorporated into the logo]. My thought is that we should use the Sacramento area in the name as it will attract more Adobe users.</p>