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Typing double

Thread posted 10/29/09 by Mtndi last edited 10/29/09
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Typing double


I have a wireless keyboard that has suddenly gone nuts. Now, whatever I type, types double. If I type an 'R', I get 'RR'. If I go to copy/paste something, it gives me 2 of the item. Has anyone ever had this happen? More importantly, how do I make it stop. I've tried rebooting it, shutting it completely down and then restarting (both the keyboard and the computer). Unfortunately, I don't know what I did prior to this happening. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated. Altho I have an extra keyboard, I want my good one back. Thanks.


posted 10/29/09 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>Have you changed the batteries? A lot of devices will start acting weird when the batteries are dying.</p>

posted 10/30/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Actually, this happened after I changed the batteries. I did change them again, twice, just in case. Still happens. The keyboard isn't that old. It's a Logitech Wave, if that makes a difference.</p>

posted 10/30/09 by Rob Huddleston | Report Abuse

<p>Well, that was the extent of my ideas. If it's new enough, you might contact Logitech.</p>

posted 11/05/09 by Mtndi | Report Abuse

<p>Hi Rob,</p> <p>Thanks for your help on this. I researched it further and found out that it's a thing that happens and there is no resolution except to change keyboards. So that's what I did. I appreciate your time in trying to help me.</p>