Richard Turner Jones


Richard Turner Jones's Profile

Name Richard Turner-Jones
Company Brisbane Flash Platform Group
Position User Group Manager


Last online 09/19/14


Richard Turner Jones is a member of the following Groups:

Adobe Community Events Fund

Event Group 696 Members

Adobe Platform Users Group Sydney

Group - Pacific 184 Members

Australia and New Zealand Adobe Communtiy

Group - Pacific 25 Members

Brisbane ColdFusion User Group

Group - Pacific 51 Members

Brisbane Flash Platform Group

Group - Pacific 49 Members

Community Managers

Private Group 1146 Members

Dreamweaver Users

Group - Virtual 499 Members

Fireworks Users

Group - Virtual 178 Members

Flash Catalyst Users

Group - Virtual 279 Members

Flash Users

Group - Virtual 502 Members

Flex Users

Group - Virtual 718 Members

Pacific Community Leaders

Private Group 30 Members

Photoshop and Lightroom Users

Group - Virtual 770 Members

QMUG - The Qld Multimedia User Group

Group - Pacific 23 Members