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Name Brad Lawryk
About Me Design BackgroundI have been an Adobe user since Photoshop 3.05. That seems like centuries ago now. Photoshop and manipulating digital images was the seed that planted the web design bug as I created my first web page in 1996 using a text based program (which the name escapes me at the moment) to show off my limited Photoshop skills. I soon migrated to Microsoft Frontpage, Claris Homepage and a couple more before getting a hold of a pre-release evaluation copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver 1.0.for review for a local computer magazine.I have been fortunate enough to use every single version of Dreamweaver since, including Macromedia's first venture into dynamic web design, Drumbeat.In the early 2000's I started using the Dreamweaver extensions from InterAKT. I was fortunate enough to become one of their top testers and support forum contributors and eventually became a member of 'Team InterAKT'. I was also extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the InterAKT offices in Romania. In many ways, InterAKT has been responsible for my current involvement in Adobe. I owe them many many thanks!I am currently an Adobe Community Professional for Dreamweaver and the now defunct Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox as well as the User Group Manager for the Adobe Business catalyst Users Group. I have also participated in a number of Adobe product betas as well - all have been great experiences!I am also now in my second year of teaching Adobe Dreamweaver at Thompson Rivers University.Personal BackgroundI was born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan where I spent the first 25 years of my life. I then moved out to British Columbia in 1988 and have been here ever since.I am now married to an amazing lady who I owe so much to. I have four sons of my own as well as two more sons from my extended family. I have recently just opened up my own Internet Business Solutions Company, Auroratec Business Solutions.Brad LawrykAdobe Community Professional: DreamweaverAdobe Business Catalyst Usergroup: ManagerDreamweaver Instructor: Thompson Rivers University
Position Website Applications and Design


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