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Name Sergio Brito
About Me <p>Im Fan Boy!!&nbsp; FLEX+AIR+FLASH+AS3 Develop Addict!!!!!! I love PHP and Postgresql +plpgsql tooo!!! Im a Geek+Nerd and love gamming <br />&nbsp;I like usability &amp; ergonomics concepts for websites + sofwtare. Im great fan of San Francisco 49ers!!!! and player on Dientes de Sable. I like movies, ciencie fiction and fantasy books, and comic's!!! mmm i love tv series such as Heroes and The Big Band Theory!!!(this is hilarious!). I love my IPhone and develop some tools for this..<br /><br />In a few word's im such a nerd+geek and i love be like this!!!<br /><br />so.. happy flexing!!!</p>
Languages Spoken Spanish + English
Position Flex Developer
Interests <p>When i was child, almost 5 years, my aunt show me how a computer can say my name in the screen (this was programming on C!!!) and this reaaly shock to me!! and since this age i love the computers =) all thanks to my Laura aunt!!</p>
Recent Code //This method receive an array with fileds toi has been cleanpublic static function limpiaFormas(...argumentos):void { // There is no need to specify the parameters to accept when using the // arguments array. // Loop through each of the elements of the arguments array, and // add that value to sum. for (var i:int = 0; i < argumentos.length; i++) { argumentos[i].text=""; } }


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